Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sneak Peek at the Kitchen/Sunroom Progress

I was inside my new house on Wednesday and got some photos now that the drywall is up. Don't worry, I'm not showing all 68! This is just the kitchen/dining/sunroom area. The sunroom has got to be my favorite spot in the house, though I have no furniture to go in it at this point. What I'm thinking is that I'll put my wicker patio chairs here temporarily with some squishy pillows, and wait til I find things I like at yard sales or auction this summer.

I love the sloped ceiling and all the windows, even though the view is just the back of someone's else's house. At some point I hope there will be some nice trees out there. I would love to put a chandelier in this room someday. It is not wired for an overhead light though, so could be $$$.

Above is the view in from the top of the stairwell. (My living area is on the 2nd floor, the garage and daughter Manda's room are downstairs). The natural light back there is just great. Below is the opposite view, from sunroom toward the stairwell. See my kitchen cabinets???

Below is the kitchen in total. It is small, even smaller than my apartment kitchen, but I will make do. I am picturing this finished with my future island angled across the front, which will be painted black to match the appliances. I upgraded to can lights in here.

Below is the countertop, not yet installed but just hanging out down in my daughters bedroom for now. I think this dark color coordinates well with the cherry cabinets and black appliances. It is a laminate, I conserved budget on this as well as other things that could be upgraded later (like flooring), and opted to spend more on things that would be harder to add - like my sunroom!

From the top of the steps, this is the dining area to the right. It is pretty small, but so is my table. I want to try my current cherry hutch on the long wall. The window here will look onto my deck, so I will be sure to have a nice plant hanging right outside it.

I got a moving company to come over yesterday and give me an estimate. The guy said I had really nice pieces, a lot of breakables and 'special handling' stuff. Ha-ha, I told him I don't own anything valuable except maybe my computer, pretty much everything is second hand. My most expensive piece of furniture cost under $400. I guess I just have good taste in old junk!


Anonymous said...


are we getting moving people to move us?

Nicole ~ said...

That sunroom is going to be so much fun for you to decorate. I love all of the natural light that beams into this room.

I love the color you choose for your kitchen cabinets, they are really attractive. I think your kitchen is a good size. Once you have the island installed I think it seem bigger due to more storage space.

Thanks for the tour; I will be looking forward to another one.
Have a great weekend, Nicole~

kimmcl said...

OMG Tracy - how exciting!!!! I just LOVE your cabinets - looks like a spacious kitchen to me! I left you something on my post today (I see you already have one!!) Hope you don't mind receiving another one!LOL

Gypsy aka Tam said...

Oh Tracy,
it is so exciting watching the progress and I can't wait until we all get to join you while you decorate. That sunroom looks just lovely and even though it may be small I think you'll love your little kitchen.
Have a wonderful weekend,

SILVER said...

reminds me of my own early days when we were moving in to our new place..

soon it will be a cozy wonderful lovely home, a beautiful space for all of you.


from One Day at a Time/ Reflections

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

OmGosh! It's so great to get a peek and see how it goes...step by step in becoming a real home. I love that you are letting me share in your experience :0)

xinex said...

You're going to have so much fun decorating this gorgous home. I love the windows!...Christine

Shelia said...

Woo Hoo! Oh, I'm so happy for you, Tracy! Your new home is going to be wonderful! Thanks for showing it to us. I know you just can't wait to get in there!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Suzie said...

How exciting!!
I love your sunroom. Your kitchen doesn't look small and I like the layout. I just can't wait until you decorate your new house.

Steph said...

I'm glad you finally got an estimate for moving!

Lisa said...

I love your kitchen choices. The cabinets are so rich looking. I can't wait to see the photos of everything put together.

Chloe's Couture said...

I can not wait to see how you make this new space your own!!! What a fun time for you, starting from the ground up, you get to pick every little detail-I can't wait for such an opportunity!!!!

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