Sunday, October 26, 2008


My middle daughter is home from college this weekend for the first time since August and we have been doing some "fall" things together. Friday night we went to my youngest daughter's high school football game to watch her play trumpet with the band. Saturday morning we went out to breakfast, did some shopping, and then got some pumpkins and spent the afternoon carving them:

Amanda, who has a great sense of humor, carved the ghost, mine is the traditional one, and my youngest daughter Danielle, who is a very talented artist and has never carved a pumpkin in her life, carved the one with the girl's face on it using nothing but a paring knife.

Saturday night we watched Corpse Bride and then the World Series game (Go Phillies!!)

Sunday, October 19, 2008


They put up my sold sign on my lot. There are 4 units sold in my row, 3 more to go and they will start building. The way the economy is tanking I was sort of hoping for my contract to expire. I'm getting cold feet. But that is apparently not going to happen, they have 2 years to build me a house, according to my sales agreement. So hopefully nothing bad will happen to affect my income.

I have not done much around the house lately, but I have a few ideas of things for posts so maybe I can do that this week. It got cold this weekend and the leaves are changing. My patio garden got a little frostbitten so I cleaned up the dead plants and swept away the debris, but there are still a few hardy souls still hanging on out there.

My apartment complex is running a fall decor contest but all my mums are done blooming now, so my entrance is not so special at the moment. Some people have really nicely decorated entryways. I will try to post some of those.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Foofy!

I don't generally talk about my kids but birthdays are an exception, right?

Wednesday was my youngest daughter's birthday, she turned 17. She is amazing. Here is a mosaic in honor of my beautiful daughter Danielle's birthday:

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