Sunday, September 23, 2012


Whew, have not posted in a long while!  I've been really crazy busy with my job, working 12 hours days and having no life, but today my daughter Manda and I got out the Halloween decorations.  I also managed to buy a few new things like the picture above (from Victorian Lowbrow), and another similar one, which I love so much that I ordered a third one.  

Manda and I are big fans of Halloween!  We picked up several new things at Target this year, like the skull above.

I bought these awesome stickers on Etsy and got some old bottles at the flea market to stick them on. 

Also at Target we got these bat stickers and put them in the foyer to look like bats are flying into the house.  It looks really cool!

I had an old buffet in the garage that Manda helped me drag out to use until I can find exactly what I want to put here.  I had my eye on an antique piece on Craigslist but it got away from me.  :(  I need to fill in this vignette, it's a little sparse for my taste.

My little garden filled in really nice this summer.  I never did plant the lower half, but it's on my list for the Spring.

Hope you have a nice week!

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