Saturday, June 20, 2009


Some of my flowers are loving all the rain we've had in our area, and some not so much. This planter, which I saw outside a grocery store a couple weeks ago while I was driving by and pulled over for, is blooming with these beautiful veined flowers.

Last week I had an Open House party, and one of my friends brought me flowers. These are a week old and still so beautiful I had to take some photos:

I love daisies!
There are loads of different kinds of flowers in here.

Out on my deck, my little black-eyed Susan vine is becoming attached to my plant stand. See it twisting around the back? This happened within a day, while I wasn't looking. Sneaky plant.

It's really got itself attached pretty good.

I guess it just wants a good grip in case of wind. It's growing like mad:

I hope I can get one of these every year, I just love it!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Met Monday - Foyer Transformation

I'm participating in Metamorphosis Monday, hosted by Susan from

Here is the first room of my house that I completely finished, my foyer. The day I moved in (3/20/09), it was builder white:

A couple weeks ago, I painted it "Friendly Yellow":

Last, I hung pictures, gathered a collection of blue and white dishes and accent pieces, added plants and an entry rug, and it's done:

I was so happy with this I did both bathrooms too. I'll save them for later. Happy Met Monday everyone!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting ready for a party

Tomorrow I'm having an Open House, so I broke down and bought inexpensive wicker furniture for my sunroom. My current intentions are to move this out to my future patio (hopefully next year, but who knows...), and get "real" furniture in this room. For now, I think it's acceptable. It came with heinous orange palm tree cushions, which I promptly replaced with these sage green paisley ones.

My deck flowers are looking good, all the rain made them a little spotty, but the sun today and tomorrow will help perk them up. I don't think I'll ever buy the double petunias (the pink ones) again though, they are a little too sticky and slimy when you pinch the dead blooms off. See how nicely the black-eyed susan vine is growing?

I got this white plastic tablecloth from K-Mart's Martha Stewart line. It has a pretty lacy pattern on it, which you can't see here. I feel like I need to layer something over it, but that's not practical with all the rain we've been getting.

Lastly, I have been really sensitive to the fake flower issue, and I try to avoid using them, really I do. However, these are pretty nice fakes, and I can't resist them.

Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A lot of work...

I've been metamorphing again, but this is a bigger morph than is usually my style. I will show the whole deal for Met Monday, but here is a sneak peek. I am very proud of this photo, because during my move, the mirror in the back of this piece was broken. I finally replaced it, which was a bit pricey and a lot of hard work and anxiety, but it's now good as new just in time for my Open House on Saturday. This is in my foyer, which you can see I've painted "Friendly Yellow". I've been very very busy with many other projects as well, so I'll have some stuff to blog about!

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