Sunday, May 24, 2009


I wonder if TJ Maxx can read my mind? Or maybe they are reading my blog! In my last post I mentioned I need some way to display my jewelry. I walked in to TJ yesterday and found a big display of these little dress form jewelry hangers. I think she may look a little overdone though...

Maybe I need to pare it down??

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Met Monday - Teacup Shelf

Met Monday is one of my favorite "blog events", and I am so late I should skip it, but I don't have anything for 3 or more Tuesday. Susan from Between Naps on the Porch (see her link in my side bar!) is our lovely hostess and she does some really amazing transformations. Mine are usually "mini-mets".

My mom picked up 2 teacup shelves at an auction, and gave me one. She painted hers black and put teacups in it. It looks great in her living room. Here is mine, "before":

I started painting mine black too, but then I started thinking about what I wanted to do with it and where it would ultimately end up, and I changed my mind and painted it white - distressed, of course. I decided to use it in the bedroom to showcase my extensive perfume bottle collection. I liked how the finish came out, after only about 87 coats of paint. I should have done black, it covers much better. No kidding, those spindles are murder, and I have no place to spray-paint right now so this is brush painted. I do NOT recommend it.
But the overall look was pretty cold. I showed my mom, and she thought it looked like a store display. Not what I was going for. My friend Trish tactfully agreed that it "needed something". I do think it will be much better once I get the room painted (soft robins' egg blue), but wasn't sure what else to do. Mom suggested antique hankies or doilies.
After a foray through Mom's shed where she is storing all her leftovers from her antique selling venture (she retired), I complied a nice cache of both hankies and doilies. The doilies are looking good to me, much better and less sterile looking than before.

Getting the perfume bottles off the vanity freed up some space for other stuff. Now I have to figure out how to display all my jewelry...

I am not painting anything else white until I have a place to use spray paint. Happy Met Monday!

Craft Show

Last weekend, my mom and I went to a local craft show. There was one place that had really beautiful things, but it was jam packed so I only took this one photo outside.
I was looking for a wreath to hang on my front door. Instead I found this little basket. Cute!
My mom and I were both sold on the framework for the planter below. Basically it's a tall metal rod with a base and some supports at the bottom. I went out and got the plants today, and I like how it turned out. I should have photo'd it before planting, but I forgot. It's trying very hard to hide the meters and utility boxes in front of the house. Maybe once the plants fill in it will be a little harder to see all the yucky stuff.Here is the overall look for now. I can't wait til it grows in.Happy Saturday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Furniture

I have been obsessing about a kitchen island for some time now. After reviewing several candidates I had pretty much decided on converting an existing piece for the cause. However, a trip to see my furniture guy Vince made me reconsider. Vince is the easiest guy ever to deal with, he will change anything to make sure you have exactly what you want. I told him what I wanted, and here it is:

Yay! It is the perfect size and looks good with my existing stuff. I'm storing my pots and pans below, and large collection of dish towels in the drawers.

He also made a pantry cabinet for me, below left. This is also a custom piece, a foot higher than the standard one he makes and with the top shelf tall enough for cereal boxes. My girls love their cereal. The piece on the right is also new (to me), I got it at an auction last week, and I LOVE it. I am considering painting it black, but it is really nice as is. What do you think? It is holding my collection of pink transferware and depression glass, but it needs a little bit of work before the display is working for me. Have you noticed my canister obsession?

The new pantry cabinet fits loads of stuff and is not as deep as the closet. Plus now I can use the closet for other stuff! I might have to get another one like this, though, because I like the idea of stocking up. (And it was less than $200). Vince makes one twice as wide, but tall and wide does not work in my stairwell, it can only be one or the other :(

Have a great weekend!

Raining again

I'm home sick today :( My daughter brought home a cold from college last week and lovingly passed it on to me. What a sweetie. I came down this morning to find I forgot to check the weather, and it's rained all over my chair cushions. Durn it.

Hope your day is less gloomy than mine!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pretty Pots of Plants

It's so green here right now from all the rain we are having, and the flowering trees are just beautiful. It is a little cold this week but I had to get some plants for my little deck. Here are some herbs I potted up as well as a double impatiens which will be the permanent centerpiece on my tiny table.
I have a little plant stand that I want to spray black before I bring it out, and that will hold the herbs and some other plants I want to get. Of course, the stand WAS black several years ago but I painted it green. I'm fickle, aren't I?
I had to get a black eyed susan vine again this year, I loved it so much last year. I repotted it in a coco planter to match my other hanging baskets. The white plastic takes too much attention away from the plant. I like how these look unobtrusive, you don't really notice them.

***EDIT*** Here is the fully grown vine from last year, for those who were interested in it. Much of the time, this vine was just covered in yellow flowers, here it must have had some wind because there are not as many as usual on it. Can you see the white pot? ha-ha

My oldest friend Trish, who I knew since I was 5, came to see the house this weekend and she brought me this beautiful hibiscus. I might have to bring it in tonight, it's going down into the 40's.

Last week I visited my parents and the weeping cherry in their front yard was blooming. This does not do it any justice at all:
The flowers are just beautiful. By the time I visit again this weekend, they will be gone. I guess if they were always this pretty we would take them for granted.
Hope everyone is having a colorful springtime!
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