Sunday, January 2, 2011

Making a Tulle Bedskirt

When my daughter got married six months ago and used extreme amounts of white tulle to drape the backdrop and receiving tent, I started thinking about what to do with it afterward, and immediately decided to make a girly bedskirt out of it. My daughter was more than happy to give it to me since girly is not her style (and certainly not her new husband's.)

Last night I got it into my head to tackle the project. First I found an old bedsheet and measured the boxspring for size. I marked the sheet where the ruffle would need to be attached.

Then I pulled out the miles of crumpled tulle and started wondering how to turn it into ruffles... so here is my BEFORE photo.

I decided I'd need to start by giving it a light iron, which didn't take as long as you might think because I didn't really need to be thorough at all. I did have to pick out assorted dead bugs, since the wedding was outdoors on a hot June day. Bugs really seem to like getting tangled in tulle.

As it came off the ironing board, I wrapped it around a pillow to help keep it flat. Next, I hand-gathered the ruffle using a strong quilting thread. Again, it didn't take as long as you might think. I just ran a quick needle through it about 10 inches down from the fold, which gave me 4 layers in 2 lengths. **EDITED TO EXPLAIN: I had the tulle folded in half , then folded again from the middle fold toward the edge about 10 inches. making the ruffle 4 layers total, 2 short over 2 long layers.** I then attached it to the sheet using my machine, but about 2 feet into the process I realized I was getting off track. Getting off track is not good:

After learning that lesson, I drew a nice dark line where I needed to attach the ruffle, and I stuck to that. The results were much better. I got about half way around with my first long piece of tulle:

More gathering, more sewing:

I mitered the corners of the sheet underneath to give it a nice fit:

And viola! It's done. This did take me several hours to do, but it was not complicated, I just had to be careful because of the sheer volume of the fabric I was handling. I love it!

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A Quilter Awakens said...

I completely adore your tulle bedskirt! When you said to run the needle through about 10 inches from the fold, you meant through just one layer. Right? And using the pillow to keep the tulle flat after ironing? Pure genius. Karmen

Mel said...

it's like a fluffy white dream. A tutu for your bed. What a fabulous idea.

Mel said...

Hey Tracy, me again :)

Perhaps it's intentional, but you don't have an email associated with your user profile. I tried to email you back in response to your kind comment, but the email is

I just wanted to let you know.

Mel @ Junkin' Junky

Steph said...

So cute!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

I'm not usually a fan of tulle, but there is something SO sweet and even a little glam about this. Many many many ways I could see using one of these...

You should sell them.


Pam said...

This is a beautifully done project; BRAVO! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

how genius!! so pretty!! I'll bet some "stored" gowns come out and "go" on a bed!!
Pink Hugs,

Heather Jacques Wood said...

About how many yards of tulle, total, did you use? I'm thinking of making one in pink for my daughter's bed. Thanks so much for your helpful post! I now think I might actually be able to pull this project off.

Anonymous said...

I had the idea to make my little dancing daughter a tutu for her bed. I took a chance and googled "how to make a tulle bed skirt" and there you where!!!! I have already bought the yards and yards of pink tulle, I was just getting up the courage to get started. Just the boost I needed. Thanks so much!

Enid and Ciaran said...

This is gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to try make a tutu for my bed!

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