Saturday, January 22, 2011

New to Me Shelf

One of my friends is doing a bit of paring down in her house and asked me if I wanted this shelf that I had admired when I visited a while back. Uh...YES!

It's very dark green, so dark it appears to be black. I like the plate spindles.

I am not sure yet if this is where it's staying, but I sat it on top of this little black cabinet in my sunroom. It's just a little too big.

I love these plates too, so I'm happy to have an opportunity to display them.

I have a project to unveil on Monday and another one that is waiting for a special copycat linky party. Here is a peek at it - can you guess who I'm copying?
Thanks for stopping by!


Nicole ~ said...

Hey Tracy, the shelf looks good with all of your pretty dishes on it. Don't you just love it when friends give us the stuff they do not want anymore!

By the way, I have those white plates & the small pitcher too!

Mel said...

What a great friend. Your plates are so pretty. I think the shelf is pretty enough to be up on the wall, without it having to be on something. Hope I'm making sense here :)

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