Monday, January 3, 2011

Easy-Peasy Envelope Pillow Covers

A couple days before Christmas I whipped up some pillow covers in a seasonally appropriate color scheme. I pulled this fabric from my stash bin in my mom's craft shed while I was visiting a few weeks earlier. Most of my stash came from a lady who used to work with me, who needed to downsize her fabric collection in order to move to a smaller apartment. Yep, that is when you know you have too much fabric. I made each of these in just a couple minutes out of a single piece of fabric with just 2 seams per pillow. They look like I didn't bother to iron them but actually I had to pull them out from under my daughter's butt to take the photos. (Ok, I didn't iron them, but why bother when your kids are just going to sit on them anyway?) Here is the back, which is the envelope part:

Here is what it looks like inside out. I pulled the middle apart to show how it overlaps. Basically all you do is cut a piece of fabric an inch wider than your original pillow sham and about 3 times as long. Then you fold one end toward the middle and back on itself a few inches, then fold the other side toward the middle until the length is an inch more than the original sham, then fold it back on itself a few inches. The middle part should overlap the first folded back part by a few inches. Once you have it folded properly, pin it and run a seam across the top and the bottom.

Turn it inside out, poke all the corners out and stuff the pillow form back in through the envelope. Easy!

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Kim said...

Love the color of those pillows Tracy. It's so great to see you again here in Blogland. I've missed you! Hope your New Year's is off to a roaring start!

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