Monday, September 19, 2011

In the Middle of Everything

I have a few too many projects in the works right now, most of which are at the "nearly finished" stage.  This one is a pretty desk for my middle daughter Amanda, that I started working on in early August.  I stripped the top and refinished it, and painted the bottom turquoise, which she was dying for me to do after I showed her some gorgeous pieces on the European Paint Finishes blog

I distressed it and applied a glaze, going for a similar look.  It's not nearly as chippy as they would probably do it, but it's looking pretty spectacular so far (not so much in the bad lighting in the back of my foyer).  I still have to glaze in the middle underneath, and then wax it for her.  That should take what, 30 minutes?  Yeah, still have not done it.

My youngest daughter has a nearly finished Union Jack desk that I sent off to college with her, without taking a single photo.  And without drilling new holes for handles, so it doesn't have any yet.  Yeah, I need to get on that, too.

I did get the top of my new hutch up the steps and into place in my sunroom/soon to be dining room.  But one of the doors had a broken glass pane, so that is waiting to go to the glass shop.  Join the unfinished club, new hutch!

We won't even discuss my new table, laying on its back like a poor turtle in the middle of the room.  I got the adjustable wrench to tighten the legs but I still can't flip it over myself, it's just too heavy for one person.  I need a visitor and about 3 seconds to fix that one.

Probably my longest running unfinished piece is this pine hutch in my foyer, which I have been working on for MONTHS.  I painted the whole thing and then had to strip it and repaint it due to some adhesion issues.  I glazed it and it's so close to being done, I just have to finish glazing the last door, find the hardware and put the doors back on - and wax it - then it's good to go.  Yeah, another 30 minute job needing to be done.

Here is the little hutch that is getting the boot now that big frenchy came to live here.  I have this in pieces in my living room, waiting to get on Craiglist and be sold.  Hopefully that will not take long, it's pretty cute and I don't want a lot for it.  I paid something like $5 for it at a yard sale 15 years ago.

And I don't have any "in process" photos of this, but I did start refinishing my vanity.  It's half white now.  It will take more than 30 minutes to finish, but probably not more than an hour or two of actual work.  Oh yeah, and see the sleigh bed in the mirror?  Totally gonna paint that... but I am NOT going to start it, or anything else, until I finish the rest of this stuff!

I've been looking at paint samples to paint the dining room, and researching new flooring to replace the damaged linoleum in my bathroom, but I am not letting myself start one more thing until all these projects are DONE!  (probably)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crazy Beautiful French Provincial Dining Room Furniture

For about a month I've been stalking a Craigslist ad for a full french provincial dining room set, but I just sent my baby off to college and my available funds were somewhat diminished.  So $475, though probably not a terrible price, was out of my comfort zone for furniture I certainly don't need and to be truthful, don't have the room for.  But then someone else listed an entire set for $200.  I was torn for about 3 minutes.... where was I going to put it?  I decided I would figure it out somehow, and it became mine.  Here is the server, which is going to be the bottom of the china cabinet once I figure out how to get the top of it up my winding stairwell:

Here is the bottom of the china cabinet, which will be my server since it fits so nicely under my sunroom windows.  Luckily they are the same length and shape, one is just several inches shorter than the other. 

Isn't my halloween runner cute?  It fits perfectly (covering the damaged top)!

In addition to the top of the china cabinet, there are 4 chairs in my garage and a table upside down on the floor waiting for the correct tool to put the legs back on.  I don't know exactly what it is, only that I don't have it.  Plus, turning a table right side up is not an easy job for one person, particularly furniture as ridiculously heavy as this. 

I'm hoping to have it all in place soon, and then I'll decorate around it and live with it for a while as is.  I want to paint the room a soft gray-blue, have a chandelier installed over the table, and then eventually I will paint it to look like this.  At least, that is the plan as of today.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a great week ahead!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Frenchy Coffee Table - Finally!

It only took me two months to refinish the coffee table that matches the end tables I did in July:

I had it standing on end in my foyer for quite some time, before I brought it up to my living room and sat it in place to try it out for size.  It is really low and I have not used a coffee table in years, so I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but it grew on me.

Horrible scratches, not so much... those needed a whole lot of sanding.   They are not gone, but they have a lot more charisma now.

I finally have them all done and together.  I had to hurry this morning and take the photos before work, and didn't have time to move my laptop cords and bill basket that was sitting in front of the left table, so you are getting the cropped version of my living room.

I think they all turned out really well.  So well in fact, that now I'm on a bit of a french provincial furniture kick.  I finished a beautiful desk for my daughter which I hope to get photos of soon, and tomorrow I am picking up a full dining room suite to redo.  I have the bug!  One of my friends threatened to sign me up for "French Provincial Furniture Hoarders".  Is that a thing?  Should I be worried?

I'm thinking it's worth it! 
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