Friday, September 9, 2011

Frenchy Coffee Table - Finally!

It only took me two months to refinish the coffee table that matches the end tables I did in July:

I had it standing on end in my foyer for quite some time, before I brought it up to my living room and sat it in place to try it out for size.  It is really low and I have not used a coffee table in years, so I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but it grew on me.

Horrible scratches, not so much... those needed a whole lot of sanding.   They are not gone, but they have a lot more charisma now.

I finally have them all done and together.  I had to hurry this morning and take the photos before work, and didn't have time to move my laptop cords and bill basket that was sitting in front of the left table, so you are getting the cropped version of my living room.

I think they all turned out really well.  So well in fact, that now I'm on a bit of a french provincial furniture kick.  I finished a beautiful desk for my daughter which I hope to get photos of soon, and tomorrow I am picking up a full dining room suite to redo.  I have the bug!  One of my friends threatened to sign me up for "French Provincial Furniture Hoarders".  Is that a thing?  Should I be worried?

I'm thinking it's worth it! 


Mel @ said...

Well done. It's gorgeous. What colour of stain did you use, it's really quite nice.

Little Penpen said...

very pretty!!! i love seeing pic's from your home.

Tracy said...

Looks great! You are on a roll girl! Keep looking at your projects :-)

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