Sunday, October 19, 2008


They put up my sold sign on my lot. There are 4 units sold in my row, 3 more to go and they will start building. The way the economy is tanking I was sort of hoping for my contract to expire. I'm getting cold feet. But that is apparently not going to happen, they have 2 years to build me a house, according to my sales agreement. So hopefully nothing bad will happen to affect my income.

I have not done much around the house lately, but I have a few ideas of things for posts so maybe I can do that this week. It got cold this weekend and the leaves are changing. My patio garden got a little frostbitten so I cleaned up the dead plants and swept away the debris, but there are still a few hardy souls still hanging on out there.

My apartment complex is running a fall decor contest but all my mums are done blooming now, so my entrance is not so special at the moment. Some people have really nicely decorated entryways. I will try to post some of those.
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