Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Roofing Underway and Stairs going in

I got a call today from Wes, my construction manager. He wants me to come out to the house next Wednesday for our "pre-drywall meeting". Yay! I get to go in my house! He also told me that the reason I didn't see much difference so far this week is because they were pouring the floor. Apparently it got too cold after the footers went in and they could not pour the concrete floors, so they built the structure, boarded it closed and ran heaters so they could warm the place up enough to get the concrete in. It was finished yesterday and today the stairs were starting to go in, and the front half of the roofs were done. Here is the back half where the neighbors roof is only partially done, it's hard to see the front because the building is close to the street.

I'm so excited about my little sunroom!

Here I tried to get a picture of the stairs going in next door. Mine weren't in yet, but that is where they will be going! Why am I always last? (I know, I'm whining!)

That is a big old pile of wood stuff out front. I hope somebody knows where it all goes.

Here you can sort of see the roof on the peaks.

You guys are probably so bored looking at my pile of plywood. I will work on something prettier to post, I promise!


Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

Tracy! How exciting! It's really coming along and is taking shape. I'm excited about your sunroom too! I can just imagine how wonderful it will be. When is your projected move in date?
Did you decide on what kitchen island you were going to get. Decisions, decisions.

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