Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crafty Idea and a Potential Foyer Piece

You ladies are always making me think. Nicole over at (by the way, if anyone can help me with the link thing, I'd appreciate it!) framed a beautiful monogram on toile scrapbook paper. Now I am thinking I will have to play around with ways to mat my instant ancestors on pretty paper for a display in the new house. Can't wait to play with this idea!

Something else that I was thinking of last night before I fell asleep was Rechelle's (from idea to use a child's dresser in my foyer. I was thinking it would be great to find an oak one because I love blue transferware with oak furniture, it just seems to "go". Now, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but since I was in bed and all, and this little piece of furniture was 2 inches from my head, I was able to formulate an idea....

So today I took a picture (flash, sorry but the light is poor in my bedroom). This is a very small oak washstand that is part of my bedroom set. I don't actively use it for bedroom storage, it has picture albums and boxes beneath it anyway, so maybe I could repurpose it into the foyer in the new house? With maybe a nice pitcher and bowl on it and the plates hung up around it on the wall? I have a nice matching oak chair with a cane seat that I could set beside it. What do you think?

Here is a close up of the plates. I thought they were pretty and would complement the Blue Willow patterned set I already have for a nice display.

Thank you so much for the ideas, Nicole and Rechelle!


Nicole ~ said...

Thank you for the nice comments, you are so sweet. I think that would look great in your foyer. My grandmother is here looking at this with me, and she likes it too. She has a piece of furniture very similar in her hallway. She has a pitcher on it, and it looks great.

By the way, I was having a difficult time with the link thing too. Click on this link for directions Just this morning I figured it out. I went to the very bottom of the dashboard page & there is a help section to look at. I hope the link works for you.

kimmcl said...

Great idea! I LOVE it!

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