Friday, February 13, 2009

First Trip Inside my New House

On Wednesday I got to go in the house for the pre-drywall walk-through meeting with my construction manager. I should be settling in FIVE weeks! Thursday they ran the electrical wiring. Today they are going to be installing my alarm system, phone, data and cable lines, and central vacuum. Next week they will drywall, then paint the interior, do the siding, start the finish work, put in the driveway and walkway, then lastly the flooring and sod. I can barely believe I will soon be owning my house!

Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to get good photos of stud walls, they don't give you much to go on in a photo. This ladder is leaning in the doorway of my foyer half bath.

This is the view into my daughter Amanda's first floor bachelorette pad:

I don't think the guy comes with it. He is in front of my future washer/dryer closet, which is also in Manda's room. I didn't tell her yet that she gets to do all the laundry now.

Below is the main (2nd) floor, from the sunroom looking through the kitchen toward the living room in the front of the house.

The dining area was to the left in the shot above, so here is another photo:

Here is my sunroom:

This is my daughter Danielle's bedroom. The whole side wall is closet space:

This is the view from Danielle's room through the bathroom (there is my tub) through to the master bedroom closet:

Here's looking at the closet from inside the master. It's huge!

And this is the opposite view, from the closet into the master bedroom. That is my daughter Danielle in the doorway.

So that is the "bare bones" of my house. Can't wait til it's done!


Anonymous said...


Dani looks super thrilled, haha.
See you soon!

Nicole ~ said...

Alright, more progress!!! Just think, five weeks will be here before you know it. Those builders are really moving...

Jill said...

So exciting for you! I can't believe he said you would be in in 5 weeks! At that point with our home, it was 3 more months! Wow, they must have a huge team that comes in and works simultaneously.

Just in time for spring a new house!


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