Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shiny Pretty Collections

I collect a lot of glass. Here are some oil lamps. I have a few more, but these are my favorites. The one on the left my brother gave me, the other 2 are from auctions. You might notice I bought mums even though I said I wasn't going to. I was actually going to swing by a friends new house after a picnic last weekend and planned to bring these along, but it got late and I never made it, so I didn't get to give them to her. I'm sort of glad I didn't, the basket has some kind of yellow dye that leaks all over the place if you get it wet when watering the plant.

I have an extensive perfume bottle collection. Many of these belonged to my grandmother, most of the rest come from auctions. My mom picks them up for me when she sees them. These are sitting on my antique oak dresser. It's part of a set of furniture with a good story. If I ever get all my projects cleared out of my bedroom, I'll take some photos of it.

I also have quite a bit of pink depression glass. I really love it but I have a hard time displaying it. It does not show up well against wood, and it doesn't look good grouped together. It does look pretty good mixed in with the red transferware, so I might try to do that in the new house.

I went to Michael's yesterday for some watercolor paint, and I saw a gorgeous mercury glass jar with the Christmas decorations they are starting to bring in. It's a really large piece and it's just beautiful. It was also $39.99, so I didn't buy it. If I still really want it by next weekend, I might just buy the Sunday paper so I can get a 40% off coupon and go get it.
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