Thursday, September 11, 2008


I think I'd like to give reupholstering a shot. I guess that is probably a ridiculous idea since I have not even finished my new sofa pillows yet (can't find the dang zipper foot for the machine), but I would just love some furniture with this type of look. Not these exact fabrics, but in the same style of mixing patterns. I think I might start with my poor battered desk chair.

Looks like I will have lots of time on my hands on Saturday. My oldest daughter (who no longer lives at home) is coming by to take my youngest daughter with her to visit the middle daughter, who is 3 hours away at college. So, hopefully this will give me some inspiration to get some things finished up.

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Amy said...

Hi Tracy,
Love your blog. I can tell you love to decorate just like I do. Thanks for visiting me today. I hope you enjoy the cookie recipe. They really are delicious.....Please visit any time! Amy :)

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