Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just looking...

I love window shopping online. This is from Horchow's. I sometimes wish I'd bought the enormous Victorian brownstone semi I looked at about 12 years ago (I can barely believe it's been that long), so I could buy stuff like this for it. At $3179, it's quite a bargain, huh? Well, maybe not, but the house was only $75,000 and I was a total fool for not buying it. Easy to say now, but at the time the one reason I didn't buy it was the school district and you know what they say... location, location, location. But what a gorgeous house it was, double parlors, pocket doors, all original woodwork, a 3 story round turret. Ok, it still is gorgeous, I drive by it sometimes and wish it was mine. Though what I'd do with 6 bedrooms I have no idea. I'd have to open a B&B or something.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
I saw you on Cindy's blog and thought i would come take a peek :)
That table and mirror are stunning,i just made my dressing table over and will be posting in a few days.
Take care Kristina XxX

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