Friday, September 5, 2008


I collect a lot of things, but I tend to scatter them randomly throughout my home rather than group them. I'm thinking about changing things up at the new house, so I'm going to start looking at things in groups to try and gain a fresh perspective. One thing I have a collection of is dishes, and I happen to have quite a few red transferware pieces, mostly old and very chippy, that my mom got for me at an auction. I love these but have very few pieces displayed in my apartment due to space constraints. I need to start thinking about where they will go in the house, and I'm definitely hanging some of them up.

Another collection I have is flowered teapots. I have a couple more than what is here, but these are the ones I currently have "out" because they are the best ones. I think every one of these was a gift, and probably most of them were from my ex-husband's mom, who was a wonderful person and treated me like a daughter. My favorite is the vibrant rose up front on the right, it is a beauty. Makes the rest look a little pale by comparison I guess.

Lots more to see, I'm just getting started.
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