Wednesday, September 10, 2008


These are photos of my dining area, with my stark white apartment walls, bad light fixture and horrifying beige carpeting. In the new house, I will have chocolate brown carpeting, which I hope will hide those clumps of black cat fur that seem to appear an hour after I'm done vacuuming.

Not sure what to do on the walls though. Since my hutch is cherry (not really, it's maple but I stained it cherry), I got the table in black with a cherry top, and the pie safe in black. The oak curio (shown on the left) will not fit in the dining area, that will probably go in a hallway or in the sunroom. The adjoining kitchen will have cherry cabinets with black appliances and a gray/black/white speckled countertop. So, I like the idea of warm autumny earth tones like a carmely beige with maybe a brick red accent wall in the dining area and a mossy green backsplash in the kitchen for pops of color, but that does not work with my cobalt blue dishware or my pinky-red transferware and depression glass.

Maybe if I put the curio in the downstairs entry, I can paint the walls a soft yellow and hang the blue willow dishes down there. Then in the sunroom, I can paint the walls cream and use some dark wicker and black shelves, and put the pink stuff in there. I wonder if that will mean my place won't have any 'flow'?

I thought it would be easy to decorate a new house.

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