Saturday, September 6, 2008

More Old, Collections

Here are my "Instant Ancestors", a collection of vintage portraits, mostly in new frames. I love having these around, particularly the pictures of babies. The big one in the back is in the original frame, and the one up front on the left is a wedding dress photo of the great-grandmother of the lady who used to be the receptionist in my office. She gave this to me many years ago before she retired, because she knew I collected old pictures and she had a number of them packed away. I don't remember anymore what her name is, I call her Aunt Edna, and that just might be right (no, I don't talk to her, I'm not that crazy!)

My favorite lady is this one - we call her Mildred. She has a bit of a Mona Lisa face, and you swear her eyes are looking at you no matter where you are in the room - that might just be the curved glass. I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the flash spot, and the picture I took at an angle was a bit distorted. I like her straight on. A lot of people find her creepy, but I think she looks serene and beautiful. She always has a good spot in my home.

Here is a baby photo in a curved glass frame. It's a really cute baby, but the frame is horrible metal and all scratched up. I've considered replacing it, not sure if I should or not. You can see what I mean by the distorted look, I took this at an angle to get rid of the flash.

So, even though I don't have any really old pictures of my family (excluding ones of my childhood in the 70's), I have some old friends around and they have a place to live on well past their prime.
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