Sunday, September 14, 2008

Goodwill Shelf Project

A short time ago, I bought this little shelf at Goodwill. I think the style of it sort of indicates 1970's or early 80's "colonial" decor. I think it was handmade.

I primed and painted it, then tried sanding down the edges for a worn look. This does not work so well when you've got gray primer. I had to sand through the primer and then touch up the black, which was sort of a pain, but now I know for next time not to prime the edges.

Yesterday I put on a couple coats of polyacrylic, and now it's finished.


Amy said...

Totally love your shelf! Great job. Isn't it great when you fix it up yourself and can say, "I made that!" So glad the cookies were a hit. I am going to have to make more really soon. They go so fast! Amy :)

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