Saturday, September 13, 2008


I've been looking for decorating inspiration and found some really great blogs. One I really liked is Amy's at Winterberry Creek ( She uses warm colors and her place is very cozy, with a french country look. One thing that really stood out to me was that Amy said she loves to decorate with plates. Today when I went out for a little shopping trip (TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross & my local nursery), I found some black toile plates just like hers, and I was so excited! They only had 2 salad size plates, but I snapped them right up. I also found a mercury glass looking candle holder, which reminds me of the large piece I saw last week at Michaels' and didn't buy because of the price. This was only $9.99 and I don't really think I will buy the expensive piece now. I also bought a red Japanese toile plate, a green plate and a pretty little blue & white plate. Luckily, I found plate stands at the dollar store, so I got a whole lot of decorating impact for just a few dollars.

I actually bought several things today, one of which was a staple gun, so I could do my little upholstery experiment. I think it turned out pretty well. Here is the before picture. This is a chair I bought from my employer several years ago for $5 when they redecorated the office. I think it's probably from the 70's, very ugly but totally comfy and sturdy:

And here is the after picture:

It's a dark brick red, though I guess it looks lighter here because of the flash. This is my leftover Waverly fabric that I bought to make pillows. I did the buttons in a coordinating check, which I also used to cover the back of the chair. I didn't put it on yet, I'm missing a screw, so tomorrow I have to run to the hardware store. Hopefully tomorrow I can also finish the pillows then my computer chair will coordinate with my sofa pillows! (Ok, little things get me excited...)

I bought several mums today too, and while I was at the nursery, I looked over the little decor items they had for sale and I fell in love with this rooster. It has holes in it and you put a tealight inside it. So cute! I bought the little pumpkin too... got a bit carried away.

One thing I didn't buy that I'm sort of kicking myself over is a wire dress form. Amy mentioned she found one at TJ Maxx. I'd bought a picture of one there but never saw an actual dress form - today I saw one at Ross. I should have bought it... I don't have a place to put it right now, but I keep picturing it in my new house in the bedroom between the window and my vanity, dressed in a lace scarf and long pearls. I might have to go back.


Anonymous said...

I love tearing up and re-upholstering furniture...I like the button contract fabric you choose. I enjoyed your blog....

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