Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Say goodbye to my little friends!

Ok, it is hard to do a Scarface accent online. I have decided that one of my collections needs to be put away for awhile. I have at least 25 teddy bears in my house. There may be more, I stopped looking because every time I turned around, they seemed to multiply. Oddly, I don't think I bought any of these. Yep, gifts. I do like them but I think we need a little break from each other, so I'm going to store them. Except Fozzie Bear, my youngest daughter went to Disneyworld with the band last year and brought back Fozzie (I love Muppets). He lives in my bedroom.

The bears are camped out here on my very sexy leather sofa, which I bought in a second hand shop along with a large matching ottoman for $200. Someone got rid of it because there is a tear down between the cushions, which you can't see unless you pull the cushions aside and look. Also, there are a couple tears on the ottoman, but they are all in one area so you can easily cover it with a throw or tray.

Leather is not really my style, but I got this because of my cat. She is blind and I didn't have the heart to get her declawed because she is afraid of jumping (wouldn't you be?) so she climbs everywhere with her claws. Well, she clawed my last sofa to shreds. So far she leaves this one alone.

So, the bears are taking a little vay-cay. Looks a little BARE without them (pun intended), but I guess I will get used to it.
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