Friday, October 14, 2011

Playing with Urn-ie

I painted my new Tuscan urn with Old White ASCP, and it's almost got the look I had in mind.  Not exactly, but it suits me for now.  I've been playing around with decorating it for Fall, and at the same time I messed around with my tripod.  I figured out how to get it about 4 feet high but I'm not sure it goes any higher than that.  It would help if I had some instructions, but it was just a tripod in a box when I rescued it from the garage.

This flat pumpkin gets a nice boost from Urn-ie.  Gives him a little oomph.

My fave new silver pumpkin - love it, but here you can see the silver bunny in my china cabinet appears to be squatting on my pumpkin.  That's a weird look.

I gave this one a jaunty angle.  I like it.

This little white one looks kind of dingy I think.  I blame the green mossy stuff - I'll have to get black, that would be way better. I thought the green would look creepy but it's not working, combined with the white it looks too Spring-y.

I did this for fun but I actually like it.  I might have to put this in the foyer for the trick or treaters.

Or I could do this, it shows Fat Rat's teeth to full advantage:

That would probably scare them away.  Fat Rat did not enjoy the photo shoot, he kept yelling at me to put him down.  (Yeah, the living alone thing is working out great, why do you ask?)  Actually Fat Rat is very old and he's getting kind of dry rotted and gross.  I should probably throw him away, but I'm a little afraid to.  What if I throw him out, and the next day he's back and the cat's missing?  It has the makings of a Stephen King novella.  So... rotted and gross are really quite good Halloween attributes when you think about it...

so I should probably keep him...



Steph said...

Fat rat is so scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary!

Mel @ said...

I laughed out loud when I read the part about the silver bunny sitting on the pumpkin, 'cause it really does look like it is.

Then I shit my pants when I saw fat rat LOL. He is the bomb! You gotta put him out!

I live alone part time, so I'm only half as nuts as you. Ha ha.

Blondie's Journal said...

The urn is getting a real workout!! I love all of your fun fall/Halloween decorations!! It's fun to switch things around! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


Lisa @ akawest said...

That rat could be alive, and it still wouldn't stop me from grabbing candy. Not that I was ever a grabby trick-or-treating kiddo.

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