Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Little Bit of Fall Decor

I got some things done this weekend.  One was getting out the fall and Halloween decorations.  I also could not resist getting a few new things, like a couple of cool silver pumpkins from Michaels.  Do you see me in there?  I wish I could take pictures just a little better.  I need to take a class I think.

And some little colorful ceramic pumpkins to perch on candlesticks in my window:

I picked up the candlesticks at the flea market this morning. I was looking for an iron urn, but no luck. Also got this little birdcage which holds a tiny pumpkin.

Got some little mums for my kitchen table.  Brownie, anyone?

Put a few things out on the new server:

Big Frenchy got new glass in the door and some putty to stop the panes from rattling.

What do you know, here is a comfy little spot to watch the MLB playoffs...  which is what I'll be doing with the rest of my weekend.

I also got my pine hutch finished and will post that soon.  My displaced old hutch just went out the door today to a new home, so I am getting lot of things crossed off my "to-do" list.  Which totally means I can be a slacker all evening.  Have a great week everyone, and thanks for dropping by!


Lisa @ akawest said...

You take great photos. Shiny things are impossible to photograph. I was blaming my crappy pictures on my ancient camera, so i bought a new one last week. let's just say it wasn't the camera.

Send me a brownie! Those look good...I mean the decor looks good.

Little Penpen said...

Pretty as usual... I love the little birdcage with the pumpkin inside!

Mel @ said...

Perfectly composed fall touches. I am smitten with the acorn ceramic pot under your cloche.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

I love your bit of fall, That silver pumpkin is great!


Kathleen said...

Hi I'm Kathleen :D Just want to say I love everything here in your Blog and it really inspires me and give me motivation on decorating..ow I love your plants too! I will be dropping here more often.

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