Sunday, January 18, 2009

House Guest

While my oldest daughter and her boyfriend are out of town this weekend, I am enjoying the company of Mr. Kitters, their very large kitten. Mr. Kitters is about 3 times the size of my 8-year old cat, and he is extremely inquisitive. Several times I awoke to bumps in the night because he tends to knock a lot of things over. I had to right a few items this morning, but there was no breakage. A few minutes ago, I potted an ivy in the planter I got on clearance a couple weeks ago. I grabbed my camera, set the pot on the end table and stood back to take a photo:

Immediately, Mr. Kitters came to investigate. I had to interrupt my photo shoot a second later when his teeth clamped around the vine and started tugging the plant over!

I quickly whisked it off into one of my daughter's bedrooms where I could close the door and keep him out. Mr. Kitters conducted an interrogation. "Did you see a plant around here?"

"Did it go outside?"

"Ok, it's not hiding behind the lamp..."

While Mr. Kitters took a full 5 minutes to keep looking for that ivy, here was my little kitty, taking a nap in bed and dreaming of when Mr. Kitters would go home and leave her alone.


Anonymous said...

hahaha! I bet Crackie is unamused. love you! miss you!

Nicole ~ said...

Oh my goodness, Mr. Kitters looks just like a cat I used to have named Pumpkin. I love your baby, so, so cute. I just adore animals, they are so much fun, and so much company.

Have a great day.


Donna said...

Oh my gosh - that's so funny!! Love the photos of the kitties! Yellow cats must have a gene where they get really big - I've seen so many oversized yellow kitties!! Thanks for the compliments on the family room/bookcase makeover... I like my bookcases full, too! At least they're now 'organized' full! ha ha... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

Anonymous said...

Delete shis text plz. Sorry

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