Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pre-Construction Meeting

On Tuesday I met with my construction manager, Wes, to talk about my new house. He's about 7 ft tall, no kidding. He was also friendly and very reassuring. He and the sales manager went through all my options with me and seemed genuinely interested in making sure I was completely satisfied with everything. They were hoping to break ground on FRIDAY, however the weather did not cooperate, so hopefully it will happen Monday or Tuesday this week. My house will be done within 90 to 105 days, so late March or early April. I'm really excited to see it built, and I will be taking pictures regularly and tracking the construction.

I keep thinking of all the things I want to do to decorate it. I love wallpaper, and I'm really glad it's making a comeback. I would like to use it in some of the small spaces and on accent walls. Here are some ideas I'm thinking about. First floor powder room - I love this watery blue with the twigs and birds, it is fresh and would look nice with some taupe or brown towels and the brushed nickel towel bars and fixtures:

Here is an option I'm considering for my walk-in closet, depending what color I paint the bedroom (still waffling on that). I love it when closets look like their own little room, and this will be pretty with the brown carpeting and crisp white molding:

This one will be really beautiful as an accent wall in the living room, behind the TV armoire or maybe the desk. I love the warm color, subtle pattern and depth:

Usually I dread the winter months after the holidays are over; I hate the cold and dark and it seems forever til Spring comes along. But I'm so excited about seeing my house built, going by every day and seeing the progress, that I just can barely wait to get started.

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