Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mini Tour

Here is a little mini tour of my apartment decorated for Christmas. Come right in my tiny foyer and into my living room. My mom made all the little Christmas pillows on the chair.

I have my sofa table set up with goodies and my Christmas cards. The cookie jar is getting low, but luckily I just got a nice box of cookies from Aunt Lynne and Uncle Dennis in San Francisco.

I have the table all set for dinner. The big snowman on the shelf was made by my sister in law, Andrea. The little guy next to him was made by my former neighbor Joy. She has a shop at the flea market. I made the dolls and also the quilt on the shelf. It's not very well made, I haven't had much practice and I didn't even finish off the edges, but I still kind of like it. The quilt on the sofa was a gift from my mom, but she didn't make it.

Here is a cozy spot by the tree where I usually sit and surf on my laptop. I won't show you the desk in the back of the room, it's usually pretty cluttery.

Well, that is the main living area. We are getting ready to move to our new house, so my bedroom is full of boxes. My daughter Amanda is away at college so hers is pretty bare, and that just leaves Danielle's. Oh, would you like to see it? That is rather brave...

This is "home decor" for 17-year olds:

Well, now you've seen it all!

Thanks for coming by!

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