Sunday, August 24, 2008

I worked on my little projects today, but around 2pm I felt like getting out of the house, so I went on a little shopping jaunt. My niece works at Marshalls but was not there today (she could have got me her discount). I bought 4 things to go in the bathroom - a small set of lead crystal candle holders for $1 each, a large cream colored antiqued ceramic canister on sale for $10, a shallow dish in the same finish for $7.99, and a picture for $14.99. Here is a photo with the canister, candlesticks and picture in it. The dish is on the back of the toilet; I tried photographing it but it just looks too white. I think that once I can paint the walls, my things will look a bit better. Also, I could use some new candles, the ones in the photo are from an old box of cheap candles and they are yellowing. I am using the canister to store feminine hygiene products - much nicer than a blue cardboard box. I'm also planning to replace this little black wire etagere with a black cabinet, which will be more practical for holding all my other not-so-pretty things like hairspray, and also will be easier to dust.

The other day I happened to go to Joanne Fabric because I was looking for projects in the Goodwill next door, and I bought some Waverly upholstery weight fabric to make 2 large pillows for my sofa. It's a brick red floral pattern with earthy tones (see photo, I used it as a backdrop for a cute little tureen I bought at Goodwill) that I think will look nice with the brown leather. I thought my pillow forms (which I bought months ago) were 18 inches, so I asked for 1 1/2 yards of fabric. It was 30% off, so it would have been a little under $9, but there was about 3/4 yard left on the roll and she asked if I wanted it at a remnant price, so I took it. I got 2 1/4 yards for $11. When I got home that day I looked at my pillow forms and they are 24 inches, which I can't cover even with 2 1/4 yards. So, I was figuring on getting a coordinating stripe to make a large border around the fabric I have, which is why I was at the fabric store after Marshalls, and my phone rang.

Late last night someone posted a solid cherry tv armoire on Craigslist for $125, and I emailed them about it. I look on there all the time but I've never bought anything. I had checked my email before I left for Marshalls, and I had not heard from the seller, so I figured I missed out, but she called me and I left immediately (without buying the fabric) to go look at the armoire. It is in very nice shape, there is a crack in the lower door but you don't really see it unless you're looking hard, and I think I can repair it with wood glue. It was a nice family in a good neighborhood, so I gave her a $20 deposit to hold it for me until I can get my brother to help me pick it up, hopefully tomorrow. I'm very excited about it; I have wanted a tv armoire since I threw out my dilapidated entertainment cabinet 4 years ago, but have not been in a position to spend $1000 or so on something I don't truly need.

I believe you can contribute a great deal to your own happiness by surrounding yourself with things that you think are beautiful, but it's very important that you can afford them, otherwise you have created stress and that cancels out happiness.

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