Sunday, August 31, 2008

I love this house, it's near my parent's and I drive by it a couple times a month. It's not particularly grandiose - in fact, I could probably afford it if went on the market, but the heating bill more than likely puts it out of my budget. These older homes are poorly insulated, and notoriously drafty.

It's also a 'Main Street, Small Town' location, which I love, but it's too far from work. I would cut the shrubs down somewhat - they look way too overgrown, though they provide a ton of privacy from the street.

I love the double 2-story bay windows in the front and the Victorian porch trim. You can't really see them, but there are double entry doors in dark wood. I would paint the trim a couple different colors though. I imagine it's got a center hall and double parlor, possibly with pocket doors. (sigh...)

This next one is also on the way to my parents and so the location has the same good and bad points. It's semi-detached, so that is not ideal, and it's on a steep hill.

I do love the color scheme and the pretty gingerbread trim. This was recently redone. I can't even tell you what it looked like before, I never noticed it until they updated it.

More than likely it's not laid out very well and is probably missing most of the original architectural features, but you never know.

Another bad thing about old houses is the overhead electrical lines. They sort of spoil the view.

Both these houses also have 2 story side porches with pretty railings and trim. Love that.

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Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

That is a darling house!

Thanks for your it sounds like when you came to my blog yesterday, it was just blank? That is so weird! I have no idea what's going on. Please let me know if you continue to have problems viewing it.

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