Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here is my little apartment patio. This is pretty much all the outdoor space I currently have to work with. I love the black-eyed susan vine (hanging on the right), I never saw one before this year and I had to have it. I get my plants at a little nursery nearby, they are not the cheapest place but they have nice things. Next year I will probably be spending considerably more money there since I will have a little garden area in front and in back, as well as a small deck.

I took some cuttings of my sweet potato vines to try and keep over the winter. They rooted really quickly, so soon I will be potting them up. I'm thinking about taking several more, but I have few windows in my apartment and I don't know how well they will do without a ton of light. I will have a little sunroom in my new house - can't wait to put plants all over that.

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