Monday, May 28, 2012

Plants and a Planter

A few weeks back my daughter and I stopped a yardsale where it appeared the people had just opened up a ramshackle abandoned shed and hauled the contents out on the lawn for sale.  It was the dirtiest junk I've seen in a long time, and most of it was worthless.  I debated a few minutes over a $10 depression era china cabinet but there was a huge gouge in the wood in the front and I didn't think I was up to the task of fixing that.  I nearly left emptyhanded until something half hidden caught my eye.  For $4, I came away with this sturdy little planter box:

It may look pretty good in that photo, but the flash shows the real condition of the finish:

That was AFTER I cleaned it.  It was disgustingly filthy and the finish was un-pretty, so I decided it needed a dose of ASCP in French Linen, and some dark wax.  Now it has a home on my back deck.

I have some other plants filling out back there too, my go-to black eyed susan vine, and a double impatien, plus a few things still on the table that I have not found homes for just yet:

The double impatiens look white but they are a very pale pink:

I gave this planter a little bling with some chandy crystals:

I planted a little tub of herbs:

 And my rusty milk bottle carrier got $.98 worth of impatiens:

I found this little Cinderella carriage planter and filled it with supertunias (which I used to make my new header:

My magic bean seeds have begun to sprout, so that means I need to dig out around my lightpole pretty soon so I can get these in the ground and climbing. 

This weekend I finally started the foyer flooring project.  It looks awesome but is harder than I'd hoped it would be.  More on that later.


Sibel-ish said...

Loved your plants and flowers. They make any place "home":)

Mel said...

So pretty. I haven't put a single plant into the ground this year.

The planter now looks amazing!

I can't wait to see your floor.

The Polka Dot Closet said...

That planter was a great find! The double impatience look like roses...Gorgeous plantings


Rosemary Crawford said...

Good eye! The planter box turned out lovely!

Pen Pen said...

Love your new planter box. Your flowers are beautiful and you EXHAUST me...LOL. You are always so busy!! My mom has some type of bean plant that she plants around her light pole each year's so cool!

click here said...

More fun on gardening. So green.

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