Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Junk Weekend

I spent some quality time with the kids this weekend.  My youngest is home from college for a quick break before her summer session starts at Pitt, and we went to some yard sales together on Saturday morning.  I got a cute little straw hat in an upscale neighborhood for fifty cents:

I picked up a rusty milk carrier for $8 (plants not included, these are waiting to be planted on my deck).  I've got to see if I have any small pots that will fit in here so I can plant some herbs in it.

Sunday my middle daughter joined us and we went to the flea market.

My little English coffee set was $5, and I paid just a few dollars for each of the other items shown.  I've already painted the gold frame and I'm replacing the faded print.  No idea where I'll put it, but couldn't pass it up, it was too cute.  I love the "Ladies" room sign and I'm thinking of hanging it on the bathroom door.

I also bought a little shelf for $1, which I painted ASCP French Linen.  I love this color but I have not yet figured out how to work it into my decor. 

So it was a pretty junky weekend.  I got my new flooring and expect to tackle that this coming weekend, but in the meantime I started a whole other project.  Please excuse the dark pics taken in the rain through a window screen:

I had a tiny (350-lb) pallet of stacking stone delivered Monday.  Despite the rain I went out and hefted some rocks around to get a rough idea of whether I had enough to execute my new garden layout:

Yes, I need to dig up more grass.  Hopefully it will stop raining soon so I can get on with my plan.  Have a great week!


Pen Pen said...

Love your finds and I am so totally impressed that you are digging up grass and working with rocks! And new flooring, too? You are my hero!

Mel said...

I too love that ladies door sign, fitting for your home too :)

I love your ambition.

Michelle said...

great finds.

Rachael said...

You've been busy! Lovey finds, I think I'm going to head round the charity shops/ car boots at the weekend.Rx

Mrs. Sutton said...

LOVE your shelf, and what fantastic finds! Looks like hard work in the garden, but I bet it'll end up looking gorgeous!
Paula x

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Wow great treasures at the flea and garage sales! I love the silver pitcher and milk carrier! Good luck with your yard and hanging chandelier crystals on every thing you can find!!


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