Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ironstone, Silver and a Mini Project

I visited my local flea market on Sunday and spent $10.  Half of it went for a cute little English ironstone covered vegetable dish, and while that was getting wrapped up, I spotted these silver pieces and spent the rest:

Not a bad day's junking. 

Found nothing else but I was happy.  Last time I went I came away with this:

And the frame made me think of this.  And so, inspired by my good blog buddy Mel, I came up with this (forgive the bad lighting, it's been dreary for days):

Hey, what are blog buddies for, if not to inspire, right?  Thanks Mel!


Mel said...

Oh Tracy, it's fabulous. The fabric is so pretty and goes perfectly with your wall colour. Thank you for the mention too.

The creamer is so pretty. Great score for $10!

Rosemary Crawford said...

What a great haul for a day at the flea market. The silver is beautiful!

Michelle said...

You find such great deals

Nicoleta_B said...

Such a great blog!!! I love it!

Would you like to follow each others blog via GFC and Bloglovin in order to keep in touch?

Lots of love,

Rachael said...

Wonderful finds. Seeing your mild jug reminded me that I need to continue my hunt for one I love, I made a pot of tea a few days ago and had to serve the milk in a gravy boat!Rx

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