Saturday, June 23, 2012

Finds, Flowers, and the FLOORING

Pic of some of my flowers because they are so pretty right now:

 I found some cool vintage silverware at the flea market last week:

And today I picked up a jewelry armoire at a yardsale, which is going to end up white or MAYBE duck egg blue (but probably not).  I loved the carvings:

Do you see what it's sitting on?  I'm pretty excited because I spent all day working on re-installing the flooring in my foyer, which is Allure Ultra, a sort of flexible laminated rubber tile that locks together with a little rubber channel.  I have been working on this putting this off for about 2 months, because I was not happy about the way it looked.  The locking part was not staying "locked" and the corners kept shifting around when the next piece went in.  I had 2 boxes installed for the past 2 months, and the other night I laid 2 more boxes.  Still not happy, so this morning I ripped it all out and started over.  That may sound dramatic but it's pretty easy to dismantle, the hard part is getting it to lock together perfectly.  I had much better luck, maybe due to practice?  I spent several hours today laying on the floor, using my weight (which is substantial) to hold the finished part in place while I put in the next piece.  I put all 4 boxes back down plus half of box #5, so there's just a box and a half left to do.  Here is where we stand:

Now that the installation is going better, I really kind of love it.  I'm sure the dark color is going to be a nightmare to keep dusted but I just had to have it anyway.  In the next pic there is a bit of a glare, so you can see the "hand-scraped" effect better. It's a really nice-looking, realistic alternative to wood, which would not work here due to moisture.

Ignore the dirt, I swept but should have vacuumed before taking pics!  I still have to finish the powder room and closet, and then put the edge molding back in place, but I am now feeling confident I will get there.

Have a great week everyone!


Cheapchick said...

The floor looks great! I like the texture. They sure make some great laminates now.

Mel said...

It looks amazing! I knew you would do it, but I didn't expect you to do it not once, but two times :)

I would love to do this in my living and dining room. Please share the product you used.

Yay you!

Donna said...

Wow did that come out fantastic!! Love the dark color, too.

As for the dust...Swiffer FTW. I can't live without mine :)

Rachael said...

Floor looks beautiful, a lovely contrast with the walls. I can already tell that the drawers will look amazing, will you actually use them for jewellery? Rx

Victoria said...

Oh wow, I'm in love with your vintage cutlery! Gorgeous! Your floors are beautiful too. The jewelry stand will look lovely with some paint on it:)

Lisa @ akawest said...

So now we can add flooring installation to your list of accomplishments. Color me impressed.

Your new goodies, and the flowers are wonderful. The jewelry armoire is especially stunning.

Ivy and Elephants said...

The floor looks amazing, Tracy! You're doing a fabulous job.
LOVE the jewelry chest! What an incredible find, the detail is gorgeous!

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