Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A sucker for romantic packaging

I consider myself a fairly practical gal, but I'll admit I can be marketed to pretty easily.  If you want me to buy something, make it pretty.  If I can rationalize owning it just the teensiest little bit, it will be mine.  When I visited my daughter in Los Angeles in January, we visited several charming restaurants and cafes, some of which poured everyone a glass of water from a pretty bottle and placed a full pretty bottle of water on the table.  Whaaaaaaat?  I had to have one of those pretty bottles.  How could I ever drink water again without one?  What, just dispense it directly into the glass from the fridge filter?  Where is the romance in that?

As usual, TJ Maxx is onto me and they have several of those bottles in stock just waiting for me to come buy them.  I'm eyeballing one for $4.99 when I notice they have some in the gourmet aisle with something already in them for $3.99.  Hmmm... ok, I can drink Sparkling Limonade, and then have the pretty bottle, for $1 less than buying an empty one.  (This is the PRACTICAL me getting a little gratification while the SUCKER me is buying something I totally don't need gotta have.)

So pretty.  How could I go on without this in my life?  Please note this is a rhetorical question.


Cheapchick said...

I am el cheapo and totally see what you saw in the bottle. Hey, you did save a $1 :). This is the kind of bottle that would look cool with a candle dripping down it (like an italian restaurant)

Rachael said...

Haha, I'm totally the same with pretty bottles. I had a ton at Christmas but have had to get rid as simply had no room. Steve is getting annoyed that I seem to be collecting a rather large amount of jam jars.Rx

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