Sunday, April 15, 2012

Repainting the Foyer

I've been painting my foyer in preparation for another project.  So far I've painted the walls and some of the trim.  I'm going from yellow:

To Behr "Watermark".  Its a shade lighter than the "Tide Pools" I painted in the dining room and kitchen, and I absolutely love it.  I painted all the way up the stairwell and it looks so much cleaner and brighter.  The new trim paint is making a huge difference as well but it's terribly boring painting white trim white.  In the picture below, the door on the left and the stairwell trim are repainted but the floor trim and the door in back are not, and the color difference is really noticeable.

I must get myself motivated to finish it though, because I'm very excited for the next step.  I'm replacing the blah linoleum flooring with this:

I'm really nervous about doing it, particularly because the foyer has a closet, bathroom and about a zillion nooks and crannies to navigate. Not to mention the whole "removing the toilet" thing.  But it's going to look amazing! 


Pen Pen said...

Tracy, it's so pretty, as always. You are gonna love your floor!

Mel said...

ooooo, that's a great colour and it's going to look amazing with the new flooring.

Are you going to do the flooring yourself? You go girl!

Rachael said...

It's such a gorgeous, calming colour, I love it. Nearly every room in my house is painted some shade of blue or blue/ grey. I'm always drawn to this.Rx

Sibel-ish said...

Good luck! Lot of work to do:)

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