Monday, May 26, 2014

Late Spring Garden

It is time for a post about my garden, which has come a long way in the last couple of years.  Here is what I started with.  And here is how it looks now.  I have put in a lot more perennials and it's filling in pretty well.

 Nothing much has begun to bloom yet, except for the azalea which already is finished, and the clematis, which is looking beautiful right now.

And a little coreopsis.

Peonies are getting ready to open, so I'm excited for that.

And my roses and hydrangeas will be blooming before too long.

I put in some zinnias this year and hope they can thrive.  Overall I'm happy with how it's coming along. 

Added some new planters by the door. 

I think I need a new doormat and maybe a few more plants in the lower part of the garden, depending how it fills in over the summer.

Happy Memorial Day to all!


Lisa W said...

It looks gorgeous! The fun will be returning to your blog for blooming updates.

Mel@JunkinJunky said...

I remember when you first started working on your garden; it sure has come a long way. I can appreciate a beautiful garden, just wish I enjoyed doing the work.
Hope you are well!

now, here, this said...

yay! flaurs!

now, here, this said...

yay! flaurs!

Angela Harris said...

I am by no means a gardener but I love those Zinnias. We planted some seeds this year. I hope they turn out as beautiful.

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