Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goals for 2012

I got a lot done in 2011 without really planning to. I think I might try to do things more purposefully in 2012 and see how that works out. Here is what I'm thinking.

1. Finish off the dining room by painting, adding window treatments, lighting, and another small piece of furniture (or two).

2. Paint the kitchen.  It's still builder white.  Yeah, no pics, because I avoid taking them.  It's still white.

3. Repaint the foyer.  I painted it yellow soon after moving in, thinking I wanted the house to have a bright and cheerful welcome, but it looks kinda tired these days.  Not what I'm going for.

4. Tackle the master bedroom. (I'm thinking this will be my main project for the year.) Paint, update furniture, bedding, lighting, organize closet, etc. I really need to start a Pinterest board for this!

5. New flooring in foyer, bathroom and main living area if budget allows. I'm thinking dark wood.

There are a few more ideas kicking around in my head.  I'd like to take a serious run at reupholstering something, and I'd like to add some trim molding around my windows. 

What are you planning to do?


Michelle said...

I feel tired just reading what you are planning to do this year. And I bet you will add more to your list. Have to start calling you the energizing bunny.

Tina said...

You do have a lot to do...I've got a list a mile long myself. I need to do the same thing to the master bedroom...I've been tagging photos on Pinterest, for ideas, already!!

Sibel-ish said...

You've got a lot of work to do , just like me! I hope I'll be able to achieve all, as I'll be working hard:)

Steph said...

I need to paint our kitchen, too. Doing a Pinterest Board for decorating is a great idea!

Lisa @ akawest said...

Molding around the windows is something i was thinking about this morning. All of my other wants are garden related.

You will have everything completed, while I am still in the thinking mode. You rock!

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