Thursday, February 11, 2010

Second blizzard bag

Here is the second handbag I made yesterday while snowed in. I winged it based on a picture I saw here. This is my "natural light" photo from this morning:

But I thought the color was really washed out so I took more photos with the lights on and no flash.
The next time I make one of these, I will fix the stuff I did wrong. I forgot to clip the curve of the handle so it is a little bunched up around the lining. I made the bottom of the strap too wide and the length of the handle too short to tie the top (which is why there is a button on top of the strap). One thing I did that I like is I made a little box pleat on the top of the pocket. I think next time I will add a flap.

I put some pockets in the inside too.

Overall I think it came out ok, but next one will definitely be better. Unfortunately I had to spend my morning digging out the driveway so I could report to work at 11 am, so maybe over the weekend I'll do the next one!


Pen Pen said...

Don't you just love snow days and the ability to "create"? You did a good job on your bag!

Anonymous said...

cool bag mama! when're the living room pictures going up?

mokhamad rusyanto said...

NICE BLOG...godluck always

Kelly McDermott-Bay said...

Wonderful blog site.

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