Sunday, November 16, 2008


I love dishes, earth-toned, patterned ones in particular. These are some of my favorites. This red one is called "Novus", you can get 4 place settings for about $850.

This next one is called "Arabesque" and is considerably less expensive at about $215 for 4 place settings. I love the hand-painted look of the pattern:
This one is "Provence", in a beautiful mustard and brick red color scheme with a floral pattern. I have found this one several places, and the prices vary but it's in the same range as the one above.

Target has a holiday set in stores right now, it's a chocolate brown with a gold swirl pattern, but I don't have a shot of it. I may just have to buy a small set of it.

While I was drooling over dinnerware patterns on Horchow, I also found a completely gorgeous Christmas wreath. This is perfect, it blends natural materials, earth tones, and sparkly accents:
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