Saturday, July 18, 2009

Faux Goodness

I found the prettiest fake green hydrangeas at a local nursery/garden shop. I am proudly displaying my faux finds in the foyer. The candles are overkill, right? Sometimes things look much clearer on a photo than they do in person. I'm moving them!This was my cat this morning, schlumped down over a pillow snoozing in the sun. My cat comes up with the weirdest sleeping positions. My favorite is when she sleeps with her whole face smack down against the floor. She is not a normal cat, probably mostly because she does not see very well. I was amazed today to watch her catch a fly in her paws and eat it, mainly because she can't get off a chair without leaping into the wall face first. I think her many head impact incidents have left her slightly loopy.
Hope you are having a nice weekend!


marty39 said...

LOVE the hydrangeas. I so wish we could grow them here, but it is just too hot and we never have any cold weather in the heart of the desert. They are gorgeous. I really like the vignette. Just beautiful. Hugs, Marty

Jolyn said...

After the harry potter night the cat needed a good rest.LOL Thanks for getting back with me on the foyer paint color. We are really thinking of using it in the new addition. Have a great weekend.

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